Team building events

Fitness Qatar can arrange a wide variety of events to help bring your company’s teams together.

A motivated team will succeed. Keeping your team both motivated and engaged is crucial especially in today’s business environment, it doesn’t come easy and you do need to work at it. If you want to maintain a thriving business and retain your best people, team building is a key ingredient and it does work.

We are experienced in running a wide variety of indoor and outdoor events; from intellectual indoor challenges to active sports’ days.

We’ll listen closely to your objectives for your group team building objectives or corporate away days and we’ll suggest a range of different solutions for you to consider.

We specialise in quality effective group team building events — both indoor team building and outdoor team building,conference energisers and creative team events. With our friendly, experienced and professional events team, you can be sure that you are going to be hosting a productive and effective team focused day.

Don’t worry if you don’t know which event you want to host -we are experienced team development managers and very used to clients calling us up and asking for our help. Simply tell us what your objectives are, what you want to get out of the event and we’ll suggest a range of different team events for you to consider. We want you to achieve the best possible results from your team building event so that it can make a lasting difference to your workplace.

Unlike some, for us size is not a problem. we can successfully and effectively host team building activities for as few as 8 delegates right up to a whopping 1700 delegates, so whatever your size, you can be sure we have something for your team building events. 

Effective team building

Our team building fulfills the following objectives:

  • Increase communication
  • Break the ice and break down barriers
  • Enhance leadership skills
  • Promote creativity & think outside of the box
  • Help with change management
  • Boost morale back at the work place

Our team building activities are hosted in a fun and relaxed environment, we don’t believe in embarrassing or boring your team, we reinforce qualities, we leave you in a positive frame of mind. All of our events team are experienced in supportive encouragement and will help those less inclined or those who are nervous and doubt their abilities, ensuring that they do attempt the task and exceed their own expectations.

Some of our clients:  Maersk Oil Qatar, W Hotel Doha, Qtel and Qatar Foundation