Mindbody help

Once you have registered on our online system, you may need to manage your bookings.

You can cancel your bookings and reschedule using the system.  Please note that cancellations must be 24hours in advance or the session will be lost.

When you cancel a booking then your account will be credited with a session.  This needs to be rebooked as soon as possible or it will expire.

The process for cancellation and rescheduling are described below:

To cancel and reschedule

  • Log in with your username (email) and password
  • Click on the tab “MY INFO”

  • Click on the heading “My Schedule” – This will give you a list of all your upcoming visits
  • To cancel click the highlighted “cancel” next to the session you wish to reschedule.  Click “ok” on the resulting pop up.  Your account will now have a credit for a session.
  • To reschedule click on “BOOTCAMP” tab
  • Find the date and class you wish to attend
  • Click the box “Sign Up Now”

  • You can now either register for a single session or a recurring session (remember you can only register for the number of classes that you have credit for i.e. if you only cancelled one then you can only re-book one.)

To view available credits

  1. Click on the tab “MY INFO”
  2. Click on the heading “Account” – This will give you a list of all purchases
  3. Under the heading unbooked/remaining it may say 1/12.  This means of the 12 sessions that were purchased, 1 remains unbooked (is an available credit)