Personal Training

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Personal Training (PT) forms the foundation of Fitness Qatar (FQ) and was designed as a means to coach, educate, empower, support and guide individuals to improve their health, fitness, performance, and well-being.

FQ takes pride in being Qatar’s number one PT service provider and have adopted an underground influenced and results-driven philosophy. Emphasis is placed on the goals and needs of every client who is provided with detailed assessments, unique programming, nutritional tips and guidelines, and first-rate coaching.

All current and potential clients can look forward to health and fitness results they never thought possible.

Health Assessment - Blood Pressure

Our Personal Training Packages

  • 1-1 Personal Training – Results based, no nonsense PT from our expert trainers. You will enroll on our unique level based PT programme.
  • Semi-Private Personal Training (Group Training, 2-5 People) – PT in a group allows you to share cost and benefit from group dynamics. Every individual will also enroll on our unique level based PT programme.
  • ePT – A combination of personal and online PT sessions. Priority email access, video, picture and technical support, train anywhere. The most economical and easily accessible training solution.

Myofascial Release

The Fitness Qatar Programme Design

Every individual has different goals and different capabilities. Areas of focus may include fat loss, mobility and flexibility, corrective exercise, myofascial release, muscle development, sports specific strength and conditioning training to simply general fitness and body maintenance.

In consideration of these facts, FQ has created a unique PT systematic framework to cater for the goals and needs of every individual. Our programmes have been designed to meet the demands of the 21st century and all clients follow a level based scheme allowing differentiation and development. This is backed by years of science and experience that there is no other option but to succeed.

Traditional Training - Deadlifts

The 9 Ps

Below is a breakdown of the Fitness Qatar PT ‘philosophy’ and ‘promise’, known as the 9 Ps.

  • Philosophy – based on education, empowerment, inspiration and fulfilment
  • Physical Analysis and Assessments – detailed health, fitness, lifestyle and kinetic chain screening and fitness assessments
  • Preparation and Planning – completely specific of individual needs and goals
  • Precise Nutritional Guidance – easy to follow formulas of what and when to eat
  • Psychology – improvements in confidence, motivation, self-esteem and self-belief
  • Programme Design – reflecting the demands of the 21st century
  • Performance Enhancement – specific improvements within the human movement contractile spectrum
  • Physique Transformation – improved composition and stronger, more functional and more powerful physiques
  • Phenomenal Results – in every way…

Innovative Training - TRX Rows

You Are An Individual And You Can Expect A Completely Individual Service

Personal Training is all about staying motivated, getting results and getting them on schedule. We recognise that every client is individual, and we know that every client requires a bespoke programme to achieve their goals.

We know that Personal Training is not just about having someone with you in the gym, it is about having someone guide you through your entire programme of health and fitness development, which includes your training inside and outside of the gym, your diet, your lifestyle and all support services to ensure that you are in full health. Fitness Qatar integrate a wide range of training disciplines and methods to ensure that your interest is high and your body is always being challenged in a wide range of ways.

Get in touch today for a fitness life far from ordinary.

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