Crazy?… decide!

A quick update on the intrepid Qatar resident Ziyad Rahim who is preparing to enter the awesome and terrifying Marathon des Sables (see post below for full details) on 6 April.

Well Ziyad recently received news from another very hard race that he had been accepted into that as well!  This time in Antarctica!

In his own words:

“I got an email from the race director of Antarctica Marathon to tell me that I have been accepted in the March 2012 race. Initially I was on the confirmed list for 2014 when I applied in 2010; but last minute cancellations got me an entry.

Hence, will be flying off to Antarctica on Mar 1st.  Again I will be the first person from Qatar to attempt to complete the marathon. Therefore, 2 big months coming up for me…doing the coldest marathon in March followed by the hottest ultra in April.

Thought I should keep you in the loop!”

WOW!  Well we wish Ziyad luck.  Why not check out his facebook page at!/pages/Z-Marathon/226745840675209

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