FQ News – October 2012

FQ News…TV appearances, magazine articles, more trainers, more fitness opportunities. The Fitness Qatar Empire continues to grow!

It’s been a while since we last updated our FQ blog and we would like to apologise for this. The last 8 weeks has been nothing short of busy and we are incredibly excited to share with you our recent actions and experiences. We are also thrilled to reveal some future fitness opportunities specifically for you good people.

FQ on MBC4s Stars of Science

Four of the Fitness Qatar team were asked to run a series of challenges for the popular TV show. The contestants were pushed to their absolute limits under the strict expertise and guidance of the FQ trainers. From daring swimming tests to pushing their body to the point of being sick, the contestants battled a series of physical and mental challenges and can be very proud of their efforts. Check out the videos below to see more.


Bootcamp Qatar Continues To Go From Strength To Strength







FQs famous Bootcamp (bootcampqatar.com) is continuing to thrive with yet another write up in Time Out Doha Magazine (click to view). With such a huge demand for this service, an additional venue has also been added at the Museum of Islamic Art’s private park by the corniche. This will start on Sunday 4th November 2012 and take place at 6pm on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.

To register please email, info@fitnessqatar.com. Be quick as spaces will be limited. Please note that there are no changes to current bootcamps at education city and the corniche!

‘Quality’ Personal Training On Your Doorstep

With the arrival of two new trainers 6 weeks ago, we are proud of the positive impact they have made in such a short period of time. With incredibly busy schedules and nothing but positive feedback from their clients, the demand for class personal trainers is all too clear and FQPT is delighted to supply the best in the country. You will be delighted to know that plans are in place to add more ‘quality’ trainers very soon.

Remember to check out our PT dedicated site (fitnessqatarPT.com) for more details including packages and testimonials. Get in touch today for your FREE consultation.

FQ Proud Sponsors Of The QIAFL

Here at FQ, we aim to get as many people as possible physically active by whatever means. Bearing this in mind, we are delighted to support and sponsor the Qatar International Amateur Football League (click for website).

With 20 teams in a very popular and competitive league, the group attracts huge interest. For any enquiries or if you have an interest in joining a team, please contact the league chairman Darren Mortimer – darrenmortimer@qiafl.org

FQ Always Looking To The Future

Wow, what a busy time it has been for the FQ team. Helping and providing the people of Qatar with Fitness opportunities is our priority and rest assured this will continue. So what’s stopping you from getting involved? Want personal training, get in touch. Want to train as a group with your friends and/or work colleagues, get in touch. Want to join bootcamp, get in touch. Have a question, ask away. Have a suggestion, let us know. We want you to be part of the Qatar fitness revolution and we welcome you in any capacity.

I’d like to end this post with a circuit based new video designed by two of our trainers, Jordan (in video) and Millie. Try it out and let us know how you get on!

With no rest between exercises/stations, perform the following as fast as possible but with good form. Rest 60-90secs then perform circuit again for a total of 4-5 rounds.

1. Backward pedal bag pulls x 60yds

2. Depth box jumps x 10reps

3. Squat into overhead/push press x 10reps

4. Tyre fast feet drill with sandbag carry x 6reps

5. Tyre flips with jump x 10reps 6. 3/4 pace sprint x half football pitch (approx).

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